Profit Singularity Review 2022. A Real Student’s Perspective….

To put it simply, Profit Singularity is a training program that teaches you their proven method of how to easily make money with Affiliate marketing. They had a previous version of this program and recently came out with an even better formula which they call the Ultra-Edition: a new and upgraded system to make it even easier for you to implement their method of banking with affiliate.

The results from their past students are actually ridiculous, and when you see the low quality videos they’re making their money off of, it’s almost laughable. But the best part is the way they break it down for every person reading this to get the same results. The catch? You actually have to do it, not just read the program and half ass your way through it. In every online money-getting program, there will be those students who don’t do s*** and then complain about how it didn’t work for them. Don’t be one of those people.

Profit Singularity Has 8 Broken-down Modules

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’ve come across tons of online money making programs in the past. The difference between those other programs and Profit Singularity is the way they walk you step by step through each part of the program. Not to mention the complete software package they built that let’s you automatically generate your complete converting ad copy, setting up your YouTube ads for maximum profit, marketing videos, access to a secret affiliate program similar to Clickbank, and even creating your own website with the templates they literally give you.

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Profit Singularity Ultra Edition is Great for Beginners and Advanced Marketers Alike

The way they break down the program for you makes it almost impossible to fail…don’t know how to make a Youtube account? They walk you through it. Not sure how to make a thumbnail picture? That’s taught step by step. Don’t know how to write ad copy that converts? You literally just plug in words to their proven system and it spits out the entire ad copy for you. As an affiliate marketer myself, what I really like about this program is they’re basically giving you all the pieces to the marketing puzzle that you can use in the rest of your marketing career. They thought about every single step you’ll need to go through to make money and put it on a platter for you to implement immediately.

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A Breakdown of What You Get Inside Profit Singularity

There is so much value in this course, to the point where they didn’t even mention it all when they were selling it. My guess is because they didn’t want to overwhelm people, but I will break it down for you anyway..What you get is as follows:

  • intro and what to expect
  • breakdown of the 3 step system
  • free business consult and LLC setup
  • secret affiliate network sign up
  • how to find money making products to promote in the network
  • already converting landing page templates to import, how to create your own
  • how to setup your site, create and add logo, header, etc
  • million dollar done-for-you copywriting software
  • best converting AI voice software on the market
  • exactly how to create your video
  • mastering video psychology
  • how to create youtube channel art
  • how to set up your youtube channel
  • how to import your video
  • how to set up ads
  • creating tracking for your ads
  • ad targeting overview
  • set up your campaign
  • finding target CPA
  • Uploading Sales Data
  • how to Analyze Your Ads & Pick Winners
  • navigating possible ad Account Shutdowns
  • Campaign Structure
  • How to Optimize Your Campaigns For Maximum Profits
  • How to Scale Your Ads to the Moon
  • *Surprise Bonus Announcement*
  • Advanced Video Creation
  • Leveraging an AI Spokesperson
  • Maximizing ROI Secrets
  • Optimizing Videos for Mobile Traffic
  • funnel review for 4 specific niches

Ok I said I would break it all down but this isn’t even all of it and I’m already getting overwhelmed. This course is packed with value in every single module. I have yet to come across any “fluff”.

Profit Singularity Bonus

The brain behind this course, Mark Ling, a multi-million dollar marketer, gives you a lot of his private training from the past including how to have a long term successful strategy for ranking videos organically on Youtube. I went through some of the other past training he includes as well, and it helped me a lot with converting and tracking conversions in other forms of marketing I’m currently involved in. And even though they give you multiple “plug and play” softwares to start making money immediately, they always back these up with the psychology behind it and how to do it yourself so you have the foundation and knowledge of these real life skills.

Profit Singularity Price

The price of the program is $2,500. Not high, not low. But when you consider the value you’re getting, it’s worth it no question in my opinion

My Favorite Part About Profit Singularity’s Training

I personally have been in affiliate marketing for about 6 years, and one code that was super tough to crack was navigating Google’s ad ups and downs in your new account. If you’re familiar with running ads on Youtube or Google, you know what I’m talking about. If you’re not familiar let me break it down for you: when you create a new ad account, Google has absolutely no data about your target market, your CPA (cost per acquisition), how much you should be spending per click to achieve your a sale in under your CPA, and a few other details. I had no idea how to navigate this until I went through this course. They take you step by step of exactly what to do (literally, what to do every 30 minutes to 1 hour for the first day) in your ad account to get it going properly. The results I have gotten from this tip alone in my other marketing ventures is astounding. You could take this one step and apply it to so many different offers….it’s awesome. What’s cool too, as mentioned before, is how they break it down so much that a complete online marketing beginner could go through this and follow along just as I did. There is no lingo used or steps taken that a 12 year old couldn’t follow.

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